Bostonology: the city’s history, one day at a time

Sonya Kovacic has always loved taken photographs but until recently hadn’t discovered the proper vehicle to displace her work. That all changed in May when Kovacic and her friend, Peter Gorman, launched Bostonology.

new storrow 2014-11-24 16-21-27

An example of the Bostonology daily email, this one on Boston’s Storrow Drive. Image courtesy of Sonya Kovacic.

What started in May 2014 as an email sent to 10 of their friends has blossomed into a daily email that lands in the inboxes of some 800 subscribers. Each Bostonology entry includes a photo, a short, historical notation and/or trivia, plus a link to related content. The majority of the photos are taken by Kovacic, but she and Gorman encourage others to submit photos or curate a post.

“I’m from Boston and I live here and take photos everywhere,” said Kovacic, a 2010 Northeastern University graduate who holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology. “These photos were just sitting on my computer and Bostonology turned out to be a great way to get those photos out there.

“Boston is such a great city and so rich with history. This was a great way to create something different and to highlight the city. I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about the city.”

Kovacic said most of her posts take about an hour to curate but some can take a few days to put together. Much of the challenge, she said, is trying to condense a wealth of information into a few sentences.

It took just two weeks for Bostonology to go from concept to first email, Kovacic said. And now, six months after its launch, Bostonology is thriving.

“There is so much history in the city,” Kovacic said, “and this is a great way to share that history.”


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