The Big Picture’s new look

After clicking on an old link on for The Big Picture, the following message appeared:

Six years and 966 entries after this blog launched, it’s time for some updates. We’ve got a new design. The pictures are bigger and you can enjoy them on your phones and tablets.

Check us out at our new home on But, don’t worry! All our old entries will remain archived here on If you have any feedback on the changes, please let us know.

— The Big Picture team


Unsure of what to expect, I clicked on the “new home” link and was bowled over. The site is stunning and far more engaging than the previous iteration. It’s solid black background lends a striking contrast to the beautiful photos arrayed on the site. The colors absolutely pop, far more noticeable than they formerly were on a white background.

The photos are indeed much larger and the captioning seems more robust, with explanatory text standing with the main image and more succinct, descriptive captions available after clicking through to the individual galleries.

I loved the gallery on Times Square, which featured a great shot of Indian-Americans watching a live-stream of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking at Madison Square Garden, a reenactment of the Times Square Kiss and a group of people dwarfed by a giant advertisement in the background.

I also really enjoyed the Slivers of Light at Fenway Park gallery, which featured some fantastic shots using shadowing and odd angles of sunlight in an around the old ballpark. The extreme closeup of the baseball “tattooed” on the Green Monster is amazing.

It had been a while since my last visit to The Big Picture – the site officially moved on Oct. 9. But the Globe has certainly succeeded in making an already great feature stunning.





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