Historic pictures that are, well, historical

lumber truck

A federal agent in Los Angeles inspects a “lumber” truck after smelling alcohol during the prohibition period in 1926. Photo via @HistoricalPics

As mentioned in a previous post, Twitter feeds like @ClassicPics do indeed post “classic” pictures. Recently, I’ve seen shots of the Sex Pistols from 1977, of August Landmesser, a German who was engaged to a Jewish woman refusing to do the Nazi salute, and from Kaaba, Mecca, in 1889.

But too often, its timeline is pockmarked with retweets of crap like “My dream makeup table” and studded pink pumps.”

Not exactly “classic.”

That’s not the case with @HistoricalPics, which regularly posts photos that are actually, well, historical. Case in point is the above photograph – it provides great insight into the lengths that vendors and customers would go in an attempt to obtain liquor and circumvent Prohibition.

The 3,300-year-old dagger and sheath of Tutenkhamun? Historical. A child playing on the Berlin Wall in 1963? Also historical. A 1957 photo of a llama riding in a car through Times Square? OK, maybe not historical. But if that llama were driving the car? There’s your history.

Some of the photos in @HistoricPics’s Twitter feed I’ve seen before, but many I’ve never seen before. Besides, you never know when you’ll come across a 1972 photo of former President Bill Clinton and his then-girlfriend Hillary Rodham when they were students.

UPDATE: Oct. 24, 4:25 p.m.

I stand corrected. This IS classic:


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