Through the viewfinder

Long before I was overwhelmed by the pungent odors of film developing chemicals, before I scoured the city of Lowell in search of just the right images to include in a final classroom project, and well before the advent of digital cameras, I developed a strong interest in photography.

The photojournalism class I took in 1987 during my senior year at Northeastern wasn’t the catalyst, but it certainly provided a far greater understanding of the technical side of the art of taking photos. Professional photographers didn’t take their film to the neighborhood CVS to get it developed.

Of course, these days, nearly 30 years later, hardly anyone does.

Whether you’re using an old-school film camera or the latest digital equipment, the goal remains the same: capture a great photo.

With this blog, I will strive to combine my love for both photography and history. Each image I post will be accompanied by a back story – the meaning or reasoning behind the photo or a short history of the subject of the photo.

There are dozens of fantastic photojournalism sites and blogs out there, but three of the best I’ve come across are the New York Times’ multimedia site, The Big Picture on and Time Magazine’s Lightbox. There are also some great Twitter feeds, albeit with far less writing involved: HistoricalPics and ClassicPics are but two of them.

I look at this blog as far more than an assignment. It’s an opportunity to continue to build my photography skills while providing the perfect outlet for writing and storytelling.



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